Baby Fever

One of the reasons I started this blog was to pass the time…as i am on maternity leave right now, enjoying some time resting at home, baby is due in 18 days!! Unbelievable!  I have taken some time away from making new creations for Curtsey, even though the Spring wedding season is right around the corner, but nesting has taken over me.  The nursery has been one of those crazy fun projects to delve into.  We started with a hideous room that was used basically for cat litter boxes, and other random household items, but now it’s a sanctuary!  Some days I wake up and go sit in the glider, take in the sunlight, and admire what my husband and I have put together.


after wallpapering, starting to paint

We used Martha Stewart paintable wallpaper, rolling hills green, and candlelight yellow paint.  There is a built in dresser that we just added a little paint to, and it looks like a whole new piece.  The art came from TheaterClouds on Etsy (I love supporting other Canadian artists and craftspeople), and with a few other small touches, the nursery was done.  The final thing will be to set up the crib, but that will happen in a week or so.





view from the doorway

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